5 Funny Computer Science Jokes

Why do Java programmers wear glasses?

Because they can’t C#.


A SQL query goes into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks, “Can I join you?”

3 guys

A physicist, an engineer and a programmer are on a steep mountain passage, when suddenly the breaks stop functioning. After some shouting and near death experiences, they finally manage to bring the car to a halt. The physicist says “Let’s check the temperature on the breaks and test the friction, maybe then we can figure out what went wrong.”. The engineer goes “Let me just get some straps, I can fix it”. The programmer just gently shakes his head. Then he goes “Guys that’s not how it works. Let’s first do it again and check if it’s reproducible!”.

OOP Joke

Q: What’s the object oriented way to become rich?
A: Inheritance

[“hip”, “hip”]

(hip hip, array!)

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