How to write a typescript library

I was a bit annoyed when googling for the topic. After a while when I had scratched together all the information, discarded the outdated one and inserted the missing bits, I decided to spread the knowledge. I went forward and created

Check it out.

You can also skip the tutorial and find the final demo library at, but I’d really recommend reading the tutorial or at least skimming through it!

A short summary, sort of just like the “difference to a normal project” would be this:

  • Add declaration: true to tsconfig.json
  • Export public parts via index.ts
  • Create a package.json, with the name your library should later have. Also point to the typings by using the “types” flag, for example: “types”: “dist/index.d.ts” in the package.json.
  • Configure .npmignore
  • run npm publish


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