Typescript on the Server

During the past few weeks I’ve been working on a Typescript MEAN seed-application (Mongo-Express-Angular-NodeJS). I gave it some more thought today. Why is no-one else doing something like this? I mean the frontend is stuffed with Javascript frameworks. You can choose between Angular2, React, VueJS or many others. In the backend world we also have frameworks to choose from. You have Django for Python, Spring for Java or Play for Scala. But there isn’t anything anywhere near of being a framework in Typescript or for that matter, neither in Javascript. Hasn’t nodejs been somewhat of a hype now for a while? Why hasn’t anyone built a substantial framework for this?

For example the tech giants, Google and Facebook, they aren’t interested at all in typescript / javascript server side applications? They took the time to battle against each other with React and Angular2, but don’t want to claim the server side JS/TS framework throne? There’s this big discussion going on “omg node is so amazing for servers, it’s non blocking and so amazing” but no one cared enough to write a substantial framework? I know ONE framework that extends all the way front to back in JS and that is Meteor. Unfortunately it doesn’t do the best job in separating front and back and it’s a bit too much magic for me, so I’d like to see a pure server side framework written in typescript.

So if I’m asking the question “why hasn’t this happened yet”, I’m inferring that there are some benefits of using typescript in the backend. The benefits to me are first and foremost:

  • One language everywhere
  • Package management with npm
  • Vibrant open source community
  • Typescript is a good and flexible language

But of course there are also downsides of javascript on the server. What I see is:

  • Dynamic, so it’s slower
  • Dynamic, so it’s less well documented
  • Javascript is a weird language
  • Breaking changes all the time in all the packages / frameworks / things

So is the answer to the question just “Why throw out the good old solid backend for a weird language, just so we have it everywhere?!”. But then again, with typescript it’s not really weird anymore. And if the problem would be with dynamic, there wouldn’t be a python framework either. The point with the most weight here for me is that everything is constantly changing at neck-breaking speed.

There’s also the option “frameworks suck, we can just stich together libraries, that’s much more modular anyways”. Well, if that’s the case, then there’s still the question why there are frameworks for other languages but not for typescript. Apart from that, the host of libraries isn’t really baffling either.

What I see as more likely is that there just hasn’t been enough time to develop such a backend framework using typescript. I forecast, that in some years one of the larger companies will have built such an open source framework for a typescript server. Just who will it be? I think most existing big companies would have too much migration cost at too little gain, but maybe some startup somewhere, right now, decides to write a backend in typescript, and will write the first lines of this framework… We’ll see in 2023.

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