Stack Overflow’s New Trends Tool

An interesting addition has been made by the Stack Overflow-Team. Now they feature a trends tool at It’s quite interesting to check it out. I compared the search terms “Javascript”, “Tyepscript” and “Java” on both, Google Trends and Stack Overflow-Trends. Those are the results.

Stack Overflow Trends

Google Trends

So according to google trends, Javascript is de-trending since 2009 and according to Stack Overflow it’s rising in popularity. Furthermore, Java still dominates the Google searches, where on Stack Overflow Javascript has surpassed Java in popularity.

So what do we learn from all this? My interpretation:

  • As always, data has to be interpreted very carefully in order to not draw any false conclusions (what I’m about to do…)
  • Javascript is much more open-source oriented than Java, which is why it’s much heavier discussed on Stack Overflow. A similar example is Github, where an incredible amount of the top-starred projects are Javascript projects.

Any other thoughts? Share them in the comments below!

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