UseNeXT Review

tl;dr: Don’t use UseNeXT. To cancel the free trial you’ll have to call them. That’s insane…

What’s UseNeXT?

UseNeXT is a provider to connect you to the useweb. Since I had problems with the GigaNews signup form, I decided to try UseNeXT since they had a well designed homepage.

The setup with UseNeXT

The setup and everything worked great and within minutes I was able to download from the usenet. The only weird thing was their invitation email which was formatted nearly non-legible.

Download speeds maxed out my bandwitdh, so that was good.

However the usenet didn’t prove as useful as I hoped it would, after trying it out I decided to leave it be for now.

The cancellation – and why I give UseNeXT a bad review

Cancellation is made extremely difficult. After 5 screens of asking if you don’t just wanna buy another option, UseNext tells you to call them. Hence the bad review for UseNeXT. So think about that twice before using UseNeXT’s free trial…

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