What’s up with Angular Universal?

I was excited when I heard Angular 2 would support server-side rendering since SEO was a huge PITA (pain in the ass) with Angular 1. It was said that server-side rendering would be possible through Angular Universal.

Yet, this Angular Universal thing, what’s up with that? Seems to have a really small team on that and there doesn’t really seem to be any documentation. Well at least there’s a getting started repo, so I thought. However, this repo (https://github.com/robwormald/ng-universal-demo) doesn’t even have a readme…

Also, when you check out some of those files, they don’t seem very professional. For example: https://github.com/robwormald/ng-universal-demo/blob/master/src/express-engine.ts

First line of code: //hacky express wrapper thingy.


Then of course, there’s also some confusion as to where to go and look for resources. You’ll find quite a few.

When you just google “Angular Universal” (as of September 2017) you’ll get to https://universal.angular.io/. However, this page is a bit out of date.

Just have a look at the date:

Or the actual site:

Angular 2 is now Angular 4 and --ambient is also not a thing anymore. So the only purpose of universal.angular.io is to confuse people with outdated material and to link to github (https://github.com/angular/universal).

Github, even though being the best resource on Angular Universal, isn’t really documented either. Meh.

Well, I guess switching to React isn’t such a bad idea after all?

PS: I wrote this article in May 2017, I’ve checked again in September and now, even though the docs are still a mess, there’s a working demo here: https://github.com/angular/universal-starter/tree/master/cli

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