Traefik: “Bad Gateway” for Docker Service on a Swarm Node – what to do?

I recently ran into the problem, that suddenly one of my nodes had a “nervous breakdown” and it wasn’t accessible through traefik anymore. All that was printed on the page a “Bad Gateway”. But I was sure that it was working before, I didn’t change any settings.

I tried various solutions including adding a new overlay network to traefik and the services on the problematic node. Nothing would work. So in the end I drained and restarted the node, after which the problem was gone. The commands to do so on an Ubuntu instance would be:

docker node ls # to find the name/id of the node
docker node update --availability drain worker1

# after all containers are removed
sudo reboot

Afterwards, you can simply rescale/redeploy some of your services to repopulate the instance. There currently isn’t any “rebalance” command, because the Docker team doesn’t like the idea of killing healthy containers too much.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Solved the problem for us!!
    I could add – because I was wondering before applying your procedure – that docker volumes still here and ready to be used after drain + reboot + active actions

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