How to migrate WhatsApp from iPhone and Mac to Android

It’s actually not that hard to transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android, but scraping together all the information to do so has cost me half a day. Half a day I want to spare you.

Disclaimer: It will cost you 7$ as of December 2019 because you’ll need the wazzapmigrator, to which I don’t have any affiliation whatsoever. Also, don’t try to rush the process. It required me a whole day to do it, of which I actually spent around 3h actually doing stuff to migrate. It might be less for you if you follow this tutorial, but you still shouldn’t expect the whole thing to be super easy…

Furthermore, you’ll need to grant wmextractor (a tool provided by wazzapmigrator) full disk access, which you might not feel comfortable with. I cannot vouch for wazzapmigrator that it’s unproblematic, but to me it seemed trustworthy enough that I went through with the process.

1. Plug in your iPhone, open iTunes and perform a full manualĀ unencrypted backup

If you’re just changing the setting from “iCloud” to “This Computer” it might take a while until “Encrypt local backup” is not greyed out anymore. Then you can uncheck it.

2. Get the wmextractor for Mac here: Currently this page seems to be very badly indexed by Google and it’s also hard to find it through the wazzapmigrator page, so finding this tool is almost what took me the longest.

3. Once you’ve got the wmextractor, you can run the application. Unfortunately you’ll have to give it full disk access. How you can do this is described in detail here: Once you’ve done that, WazzapMigrator Extractor should be able to find the ChatStorage.sqlite file inside your backup. It should look like this:

Select that file and click extract. You’ll be asked whether you want to upload to gdrive and I selected that method. This either took very long or I missed the “completed” dialog for quite some time. Anyways, in the end it worked and I could upload everything to GDrive:

4. Buy and install the Wazzap Extractor app on your Android phone. If you’ve chosen to migrate through GDrive, follow the description here: . In case of complications, such as WhatsApp being installed on the phone or WhatsApp having access to the GDrive app, the Wazzap App will nicely guide you through the steps you’ll have to undertake. Make sure to have both, media (images and so on) as well as ChatStorage downloaded. Afterwards the extraction begins. This will stay on 0% for quite a while. I finally closed the app and opened it again and then somehow it was done… Afterwards it requests you to download a specific version of WhatsApp, which I did. It also tells you to update WhatsApp to the newest version afterwards, but I couldn’t find where to do that and auto backup was turned on, so I left out that step.

The final result: All my data was migrated! Pretty neat.

P.S.: It also marked all of my chat groups as unread and I had to mark them not as read, but hey, that’s not too bad.

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