Convert Latex to HTML online

Yesterday I wanted to convert a snippet of latex code to html. Unfortunately, the results when Googling for “latex to html online” are only cr*p. I knew a tool that was really great at converting latex files to html files. This tool is called Pandoc. However, it seemed like a bit of overhead to always create a file, store the latex snippet, […]

UseNeXT Review

tl;dr: Don’t use UseNeXT. To cancel the free trial you’ll have to call them. That’s insane… What’s UseNeXT? UseNeXT is a provider to connect you to the useweb. Since I had problems with the GigaNews signup form, I decided to try UseNeXT since they had a well designed homepage. The setup with UseNeXT The setup and […]

Mircoservice Architecture vs Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

It’s interesting how microservices are the new hype and SOA is detrending: What’s the difference between the two? To me, the best description seemed to come from this StackOverflow answer: So, SOA is an architectural pattern in which application components provide services to other components. However, in SOA those components can belong to the same application. On the other […]

Tips & Tricks for Google Analytics (GA) + Google Tag Manager (GTM) + Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Setting up GTM + GA + AMP can be a “pull your hairs out” experience. So let me help you with this list of tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when setting up AMP with GTM and GA. Event Logging in Google Analytics So far the greatest pitfall has been with events. Events have 4 dimensions: category, […]

AMP Project Starter

From the project, a nice little side project developed. The homepage of was built with AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. Those are pages that load freakishly fast on mobile, and hence also on the web. It’s actually really amazing for the user experience. AMP has a quite great documentation with and […]

Forwarding Mail with EC2 (Ubuntu) and ElasticIP

Let’s assume you already have bought a domain – in this example we’re using – and you want to forward mail. You can replace all in this tutorial with So for example when sending an email to it should forward it to How can we achieve that? We can set […]

Cute Animals for tsmean!

To cutify the tsmean starter kit I have written a “cute-animals-microservice”. Here’s what it does:   Oooooh, that’s damn cute! Here’s another screencap that shows more directly how the microservice is used: So what you can see is that the service consists of two parts. The find endpoint returns a path to the animal. The animals endpoint resolves the animal’s […]

Stack Overflow’s New Trends Tool

An interesting addition has been made by the Stack Overflow-Team. Now they feature a trends tool at It’s quite interesting to check it out. I compared the search terms “Javascript”, “Tyepscript” and “Java” on both, Google Trends and Stack Overflow-Trends. Those are the results. Stack Overflow Trends Google Trends So according to google trends, Javascript […]

Controlling the Volume in MPC Music Player with the Arrow Keys

On my RaspberryPi I listen to music using the MPC player. I usually stay logged in into the raspberry pi. My command line used to look like this: This didn’t seem to be ideal to me. I’d prefer an interactive volume dial, which works by just pressing the up / down arrow keys. I’ve written […]

Material Design Notifications for Angular2+

Astonishingly, I haven’t found a good reliable library to display material-design style notifications in Angular2. So I have created this library, it can be found here: It’s super easy to use, yet flexible. Material design is optional. The Material Design library is not required for this library to work! You can edit styles like box-shadow, position, background […]