Jsfiddle vs Codepen vs Plunker vs JSBin for Embedding

JSBin Jsbin needs a pro account for many features (such as embedding), so I’d refrain from it, since the others are just as good or better. CodePen It’s got a beautiful design, but some things are stupid about it. For example embedding the code into an other page.  Apparently it can be found in the export […]

Best WYSIWYG Editor for Web-Content

UPDATED: June 2017 There are different out of the box wysiwyg’s for the web. Prominent exponents of web-html-wysiwyg’s are the CKEditor or the TinyMCE. Paid (yet still extendable) solutions include Froala and Redactor. Which one’s right for you? TL;DR: If you’re commercial, use the Froala Editor. If you’re not or need an open source editor use […]

MathJax vs KaTeX vs MathML vs Latex2Img

There is a multitude of options to display mathematics on the web including MathJax, Katex, MathML and Latex2Image. Which one is right for you? TL;DR: Choose Mathjax. Mathjax Mathjax can work with latex or mathml input, then sends the code to the mathjax library which renders a “mathjax element”. This is a svg with fonts, […]