Controlling the Volume in MPC Music Player with the Arrow Keys

On my RaspberryPi I listen to music using the MPC player. I usually stay logged in into the raspberry pi. My command line used to look like this: This didn’t seem to be ideal to me. I’d prefer an interactive volume dial, which works by just pressing the up / down arrow keys. I’ve written […]

Time Capsule / Time Machine through Raspberry Pi

I’ve followed multiple tutorials on how to setup time capsule through raspberry pi. There’s one that’s by far the simplest & it works: In fact, the others are so much more complicated that I thought this wouldn’t work and tried it last: What a mistake. Here’s a short re-write with a few minor changes, also covering the formatting […]

Yet Another Install Guide For Raspberry Pi 3

  I found the installation & setup of the raspberry pi to have quite a few pitfalls, so here’s my own guide for a headless Pi installed through a MAC. Step 1: Format your SD Card properly! Use the Disk Utility to format the drive (MS-DOS, Masterboot Record). When you then type diskutil list into your terminal, […]