The Ultimate Mustache Tutorial

Learning Mustache is a lot faster if you understand properly what it’s all about and learn the underlying concepts. You’ll grasp a firmer understanding of Mustache by going through this tutorial, than by directly diving into the official docs, which often seem confusing at first. What is Mustache? The first thing to learn is that Mustache is […]

Host websites with high availability and low latency for less than 1$/month, SSL included

I’ve been deploying static websites the wrong way all of my life. My procedure used to look like this: Choose a server (EC2, Digitalocean) in a region (US, Europe, …) Set up some nginx / apache configuration Maybe add SSL through letsencrypt I’ve always been aware that there are several drawbacks to this: The smallest EC2 […]

How to write a typescript library

I was a bit annoyed when googling for the topic. After a while when I had scratched together all the information, discarded the outdated one and inserted the missing bits, I decided to spread the knowledge. I went forward and created Check it out. You can also skip the tutorial and find the final demo […]

Yet Another Install Guide For Raspberry Pi 3

  I found the installation & setup of the raspberry pi to have quite a few pitfalls, so here’s my own guide for a headless Pi installed through a MAC. Step 1: Format your SD Card properly! Use the Disk Utility to format the drive (MS-DOS, Masterboot Record). When you then type diskutil list into your terminal, […]

ES6 Modules and Typescript

The whole thing is still pretty crazy as of August 2016. If you want to develop your frontend with typescript, you’ll probably encounter all of those “things”: bower, npm, node, grunt, gulp, typescript, tsconfig, tsc, transpile, es6, javascript2015, module, module loader, import, export, require, systemjs, amd, umd, commonjs, babel, traceur, browserify, webpack… Those are just […]