Jsfiddle vs Codepen vs Plunker vs JSBin for Embedding

JSBin Jsbin needs a pro account for many features (such as embedding), so I’d refrain from it, since the others are just as good or better. CodePen It’s got a beautiful design, but some things are stupid about it. For example embedding the code into an other page.  Apparently it can be found in the export […]

Contenteditable vs Input

Contenteditable and Input can be quite similar. Both you can click, then you can change the text inside. So where’s the difference and when should you use which one? Contenteditable With contenteditable, you can modify a html snippet. Usually the html on a website is “view-only” meaning you can’t just click somewhere and then edit the html. But as soon […]

Which UI-Router version should I install?

I don’t know why, but UI-Router doesn’t seem to be very clear about their versions, maybe they are ashamed of the old ones. However, this is really confusing and might lead you to install the wrong one. Their links just redirect me in a circle without providing me with any real idea what to install. […]

Best WYSIWYG Editor for Web-Content

UPDATED: June 2017 There are different out of the box wysiwyg’s for the web. Prominent exponents of web-html-wysiwyg’s are the CKEditor or the TinyMCE. Paid (yet still extendable) solutions include Froala and Redactor. Which one’s right for you? TL;DR: If you’re commercial, use the Froala Editor. If you’re not or need an open source editor use […]

MathJax vs KaTeX vs MathML vs Latex2Img

There is a multitude of options to display mathematics on the web including MathJax, Katex, MathML and Latex2Image. Which one is right for you? TL;DR: Choose Mathjax. Mathjax Mathjax can work with latex or mathml input, then sends the code to the mathjax library which renders a “mathjax element”. This is a svg with fonts, […]